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New Model!

New improved OS SERIES 12R and 16R
June 15th 2016

New improved OS SERIES 12R and 16R Optimum Time is always reviewing its product ranges to see if we can improve them in any way.

Welcome to the new OS SERIES 1231R and 16318R watches - both know in sailing circles for the design and fantastic functions – including the massive digits in the last 59 seconds of countdown. Those features still stand, but both now feature the latest high contrast dot matrix display with greater detail and an improved contrast, new display features (including even larger digits in the sailing timer function) and last but far from least the new rechargeable battery that will keep your new pride and joy running on and on.

We have not changed the good looking black case and its comfortable silicon strap that you can personalise with a choice of highlight colours on the OS1231R. The smart shiny look of the OS16318R is still at home on deck, in the sailing club, for leisure use and even in the office - with its choice of real leather strap, treated to give water resistance or the soft black silicon strap - these are two serious sailing watches.

The watches come complete with an easy-to-use charger included that will plug into almost any USB socket.

See the new OS SERIES 12R & 16R watches here.

Great looking event watches just got serious
October 28th 2014

OE SERIES 12 & 16 All serious event riders know and use Optimum Time watches. The "Big Yellow Watch" evolved into 7 co-ordinated colours and was quickly joined by the series 14 with the vibration alarm. Now there are two new watches that will help for everyday use both as a wristwatch and a training aid. Using the dot matrix display featured in the series 14 watches, the new series 12 & 16 watches have the benefits of the bespoke eventing functions plus the good looks, the light weight and the soft silicone strap (OE1261) and the amazing style and sophistication of the stainless steel case with both chunky leather strap and interchangeable silicone strap (OE 16618). These watches combine style, practicality and function and will provide a great compact backup on the cross country course too. The massive digits in the last 59 seconds of countdown will certainly be easily seen!

See the OE SERIES 12 & 16 watches here.

The best looking competitive sailing watch ever?
February 17th 2014

OS223v (Charcoal) and OS224v (Navy) product updates Optimum Time knows its products are No. 1 for serious dinghy sailors, but at the expense of fashion. Our jumbo watches are not for everyday use and the colourfully fashionable Series 2 & 11 are ideal in the clubhouse, but not for the office. The new Series 12 has received plaudits for its design, the interchangeable coloured strap keepers and for its fantastic functions – including the massive digits in the last 59 seconds of countdown... yet despite its great looks people wanted something a little more up-market. Welcome to the all new Series 16, desirable and with the best of our features. Solid and chunky yet not too heavy, shiny and bold, yet is suitably understated and chic, beautiful, yet totally practical. Supplied with both interchangeable straps,the brown real leather strap, treated to give water resistance and the soft black silicon strap, sportier and with perforations to let the skin breath. Ideal for wearing in the sailing club, on a yacht, for leisure use and in the office, yet retaining all the renowned OT functions.... this it is still a serious sailing watch.

See the OS SERIES 16 watches here.

OS223v (Charcoal) and OS224v (Navy) product updates
February 5rd 2014

OS223v (Charcoal) and OS224v (Navy) product updatesBack in stock at Optimum Time is the Series 2 watch in both Charcoal and Navy. Last year, the choice was between a normal (soft-touch PU) strap –as on the recent OS 229 pink watch – or a velcro strap which can be worn as an everyday strap, but also can be worn over clothing. This year that choice has been removed and the watch now comes with hexagon screws to give a strong, yet removable, strap fixing. Hexagon keys are provided to ease the interchangeability. The OS223 & OS224 are deleted, and the OS223v & OS224v now come with the added value of both straps in the package. On the new Charcoal, Navy and Pink OS2 series, OT has made changes to the polished stainless steel bezel fixing, including having mechanical and glue fixing. Seals within the button assemblies have been amended to give even higher water resistance.

See the OS SERIES 2 watches here.
Official OS SERIES Sailing range stockists here.

In Stock NOW!

New rechargeable OE series 14 - A new dot matrix wristwatch for eventers
December 3rd 2013

NEW OE Series 14 Hot on the heels of the new Series 14 sailing watch is the OE Series 14R event watch. The new product has the same new event functions that are in the new OE Series 390. Now the countdown timer gives an audible warning every full minute to go, plus a last 30 second beep sequence that warns of the end of period. Count-up from is still available with minute warnings, but the new big feature is programmable count-up. Put in the course time, press start, then see as the watch heads for that time – still with a beep every minute gone, but with a last 30 second warning beep sequence. Not only will the beeps help with achieving the perfectly timed round, but there is now a vibration buzzer as well. Both vibration and sound can be switched off individually. The new watch comes with a USB charger for the rechargeable battery needed to power the vibe and the louder sound! These new watches will also come in the 7 popular colours.

In Stock NOW!

Stylish new OS1231 dot matrix wristwatch now in stock!
November 30th 2013

NEW OS1231 For those who want something cool, stylish and practical Optimum Time has launched the OS Series 12. The watch features a dot matrix display that allows for more information at any one time. Added to that, the sailing countdown in the last minute has enormous digits that fill the display. Couple this to a good looking case, with a comfortable silicon rubber strap that you can personalise with a choice of highlight colours. The watch has been tested in public and has always drawn comments from those who spotted it. Also look out for its stable mate – the Series 16 coming soon!.

In Stock NOW!

New pink sailing watches – OS299 and OS319 in stock now!
November 15th 2013

NEW OS299 and OS319 The stock of the new OS229 and OS319 are in. The "Big Yellow" now comes in pink. You all asked for it, so we made it. We hope you like it! Plus the OS 2 Series now has a pink version, the OS229 with all the same features you have come to love! Contact your local dealer to get in your Christmas stocking!

OS Series 14 - Revolutionary Optimum Time sailing watches!!!!
October 2013

NEW OE390The waiting is nearly over! The release of the eagerly awaited OS Series 14 is near. This new watch is just 4mm bigger in diameter than the Series 3. That small increase has allowed for a large circular display that uses dot matrix technology. Under normal use, the sailing countdown is visible in legendary big OT digits. However, for the last 59 seconds the display comes alive to a massive 25mm. None of the world-famous features are lost, but buttons around the outside of the watch make them much easier to press with gloves on. The RED OS 1436 will also be capable of displaying sailing countdown and real time at the same time. This should be a big hit with race officers. If that is not enough, the OS 1450R white, OS 1454R blue and OS 1455R yellow will all come with a rechargeable battery and USB charger clamp. This extra power means we have been able to include a vibration buzzer to add to the louder alarm sound. Both vibration and sound can be switched off individually. Forget the rest - buy the best featured new sailing watches on the market!!!

In Stock NOW!

The New Eventing OE390 Series has landed!
October 2013

NEW OE390The new version of the classic event watch has now landed in the UK. The OE Series 380 event watches will still be as reliable as ever, and the interest in the coloured range has made it an instant success. Optimum Time has not stood still, and has improved the electronics of the product & improved static electricity protection. At the same time, the chip has been changed to give even better battery life, while adding improved eventing functions. These are the OE Series 390. Now the countdown timer gives an audible warning every full minute to go, plus a last 30 second beep sequence that warns of the end of period. Count-up from is still available with minute warnings, but the new big feature is programmable count-up. Put in the course time, press start, then see as the watch heads for that time – still with a beep every minute gone, but with a last 30 second warning beep sequence. Don't forget, this is the model that will also include PINK!

New OS314 launched (and sneaky preview of OS319)
September 2013

NEW OS 314It's here now. The "Big Yellow Sailing Watch" has always had a big following in sailing. The must-have item became available in the spring in white. Following the success of a colour choice, it was decided to expand the range. For years Ronstan bought a blue version from OT and sold it under its own brand. That agreement is over, so the "Big Blue Sailing Watch" is now available from OT – where it belongs – in the Optimum Time Brand of specialist sports timers. Watch out for pink – by popular demand – at the end of October 2013.

Want to see your image online?
September 2013

OE 389 Not quite a new product, but a new idea. Ever wanted your own photograph to feature on a real company website? We have launched a gallery of "Your Photos". If you have a photo of you, or taken by you, that shows off an OT product, that is good enough and you can grant us permission to use it, then your wish may be granted. Click on the New Photo Galleries tab and find out what we mean.

First images of new Series 11
July 2013

OE 389 As previously told on these news pages the OS11 is replacing the OS1 with a new sleek form but the same great specifications. Coming in a range of bright colours, pick one to match your boat, kit or just for fun. Contact your local dealer today for more information.

New Event Watch Colour - Pink!
June 2013

OE 389We have listened to how much you have liked the new coloured event watches, and have decided to add a new colour to the range from August 2013! The 389 - Pink will be available but with initial production runs limited - so contact your local dealer early to ensure you are not disappointed. More information and images will be available closer to the arrival!

New series OS11 watch style replacing series OS1
June 2013

The last few OS1 series watches are now in stock so if you want one best be quick. We are replacing the OS1 with the new clean style of the OS11, same great product just in an updated case. Colours and model numbers available will be OS1120 - Gloss White, OS1121 - Matt Black, OS1125 - Gloss Yellow, OS1126 - Gloss Red, OS1127 - Gloss Bright Blue, OS1128 - Gloss Lime Green and OS1129 Gloss Dark Pink. Please note that the OS1121 - Matt Black has already replaced the OS121 Black! More information and images will be available closer to the arrival!

New Coloured Eventing Watches
March 2013

OE Series 3 Equestrin watchOptimum time is constantly thriving to evolve. Whether it is changes to our website, changes to our current products, development of new products& functions or updating our photographic resources, we aim to maintain and enhance our reputation for smart looking design, with bespoke user friendly sporting function, manufactured in a robust way at an affordable price.

The most recent success story has been the launch of our famous jumbo eventing watch in 5 new colours. The big yellow event watch has been famous for 16 years. There is now the chance to coordinate with cross country colours.

See the OE SERIES 3 watches here.
Complete OE SERIES Eventing range brochures here.
Official OE SERIES Eventing range stockists here.

Colourful Series 1 Hockey Watches
March 2013

OT 1 Series Teamsports WatchHockey watches are now available in a range of bright colours to
compliment the core products.

See the OT SERIES 1 watches here.
Complete OT SERIES Teamsports range brochures here.
Official OT SERIES Teamsports range stockists here.

New Series 11 Sailing Watches and updated 3 series in white!

OS310The series 1 sailing watches will soon be replaced by the series 11.
Identical in function, but with a facelifted shape, the new and modern lines
are proving trend setting. At the same time the OS 315 sailing watch has
been freshened up with new graphics and improved circuitry and complimented
by the addition of the new OS 310 - identical to the famous yellow watch,
but in white!

New Dot Matrix Jumbo Sailing Watch

New developments in the pipeline are new wrist watches and a new jumbo watch
for sailing, with dot matrix displays for maximum visibility of the digits
in the vital last minute.

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