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For years, the OS 315 jumbo watch has been a must-have item for the serious Olympic and club sailor alike. Easy to see for seniors, and good to be seen with for juniors, it is sailing's flagship timer. Complimented by a huge range of normal sized watches and all with bespoke sailing functions, there is no need to look beyond Optimum Time.

Sailing Watches



The big yellow watch has been a world-wide hit with event riders for years. Almost as essential as the horse, the watches are now available in a choice of bright colours to compliment the riders colours. There are also wristwatches with the same bespoke functions. For those who run the sport, the Timesaver clocks have simplified the process and virtually eliminated errors.

Equestrian Watches



Over the years Optimum Time has invested heavily in design concepts that don't just look good, but that can actually be engineered into bespoke products that will do justice to the OT doctrine and reputation. We are constantly evolving our products to benefit from electronic advances, while guarding against failures from outside influences.

New Products

Optimum Time is a specialist Sports Timing Company. Established in 1996, the company quickly rose to fame for its "big yellow timers" in the sports of Sailing and Eventing.

The doctrine of the company is to provide rugged, reliable and affordable watches for use where good timing is fundamental to success in a sport. Originally this was mostly by the competitors.

The products are designed by Optimum Time and produced from our own tooling, using our programs and our own circuitry to give a bespoke solution for every chosen pastime. No two sports are the same so OT don't treat them that way.

OT grew to include equipment for sports officials. At London 2012 (as it was at Athens and Beijing), the eventing was controlled using our Timesaver Equipment. Our big yellow watch was also on the committee boats that controlled Olympic Sailing.